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Unofficial results of the 2022 Texas primary runoff elections

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Date Posted: 5/25/2022 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

The 2022 Texas primary election season came to a subdued end last night as voters finalized their Democratic and Republican party nominees in the May 24 runoffs. Tuesday’s shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde ISD remained top of mind as candidates kept their speeches short and celebrations to a minimum.

Several statewide races were on the ballot, including high-profile contests for both the Republican and Democratic nomination for Texas Attorney General (AG). Incumbent AG Ken Paxton (R) earned double the votes of his primary challenger, Land Commissioner George P. Bush (R). On the other side of the aisle, Rochelle Garza (D) defeated Joe Jaworski (D) to earn the Democratic nomination for AG. Paxton and Garza will face off on the November general election ballot.

In his reelection bid, Lieutenant Governor Gov. Dan Patrick (R) already secured his place on the ballot back in March, but his Democratic challengers were forced into a runoff. Mike Collier (D) secured the nomination, beating current state Rep. Michelle Beckley (D-Carrollton). Collier similarly challenged Patrick in 2018, coming within five points of unseating the lieutenant governor, and he’s hoping to win the seat this fall.

The race to succeed Bush as Land Commissioner also produced runoffs in both parties. Outgoing state Sen. Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway) defeated Tim Westley (R) in the Republican primary, while Jay Kleberg (D) beat Sandragrace Martinez in the Democratic primary. Democrat Janet Dudding defeated Angel Luis Vega in her party’s runoff for Comptroller; she’ll face incumbent Glenn Hegar (R) in November.

The May 24 runoffs included three races for open seats on the State Board of Education (SBOE) in Districts 1, 2, and 4. Two Republican candidates also faced off in SBOE District 13, seeking the right to go up against incumbent Member Aicha Davis (D) in the fall.

Two Texas Senate primaries resulted in runoffs – both for open seats. Tuesday’s votes sealed the Republican nomination for Senate District (SD) 24 being vacated by Sen. Buckingham, as well as the Democratic nomination for SD 27, where Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-Brownsville) is retiring. In Texas House races, all but one of the incumbents forced into runoffs prevailed Tuesday night; Rep. Phil Stephenson (R-Wharton) lost his reelection bid.

Results are still unofficial, but here’s a look at the outcomes of all the runoffs we have been tracking:

Lieutenant Governor Democratic primary
Mike Collier  54.8%
Michelle Beckley  45.2%
Attorney General Republican primary
Ken Paxton  67.9%
George P. Bush  32.1%
Attorney General Democratic primary
Rochelle Garza  62.6%
Joe Jaworski  37.4%
SBOE District 1 Democratic primary
Melissa Ortega  57.5%
Laura Marquez  42.5%
SBOE District 2 Democratic primary
Victor Perez  56.1%
Pete Garcia  43.9%
SBOE District 4 Democratic primary
Staci Childs  58.1%
Coretta Mallet-Fontenot  41.9%
SBOE District 13 Republican primary
Kathryn Monette  64.7%
A. Denise Russell  34.3%
SD 24 Republican primary
Pete Flores  59.2%
Raul Reyes 40.8%
SD 27 Democratic primary
Morgan La Mantia  56.9%
Sara Stapleton Barrera  43.1%
HD 12 Republican primary
Rep. Kyle Kacal  57.9%
Ben Bius  42.1%
HD 17* Republican primary
Stan Gerdes  51.3%
Paul Pape  48.7%
HD 19 Republican primary
Ellen Troxclair  56.5%
Justin Berry  43.5%
HD 22* Democratic primary
Christian "Manuel" Hayes 50.9%
Joseph Paul Trahan 49.1%
HD 23 Republican primary
Teresa Leo-Wilson 57.7%
Patrick Gurski  42.3%
HD 37 Democratic primary
Luis Villarreal Jr.  52.4%
Ruben Cortez  47.6%
HD 52* Republican primary
Caroline Harris  50.6%
Patrick McGuinness 49.4%
HD 60* Republican primary
Rep. Glenn Rogers  52.1%
Mike Olcott 47.9%
HD 61 Republican primary
Frederick Frazier  63.9%
Paul Chabot  36.1%
HD 63 Republican primary
Ben Bumgarner  62.2%
Jeff Younger 37.8%
HD 70* Republican primary
Jamee Jolly 52.1%
Eric J. Bowlin  47.9%
HD 70 Democratic primary
Mihaela Elizabeth Plesa  55.2%
Cassandra Garcia Hernandez  44.8%
HD 73* Republican primary
Carrie Isaac  50.6%
Barron Casteel  49.4%
HD 76 Democratic primary
Suleman Lalani  62.9%
Vanesia Johnson  37.1%
HD 84 Republican primary
Carl Tepper  58.9%
David Glasheen  41.1%
HD 85 Republican primary
Stan Kitzman  58.0%
Rep. Phil Stephenson  42.0%
HD 91 Republican primary
Rep. Stephanie Klick  54.3%
David Lowe  45.7%
HD 93 Republican primary
Nate Schatzline  65.0%
Laura Hill  35.0%
HD 100 Democratic primary
Venton Jones 68.3%
Sandra Crenshaw  31.7%
HD 114 Democratic primary
John Bryant  57.3%
Alexandra Guio  42.7%
HD 122 Republican primary
Mark Dorazio  55.0%
Elisa Chan  45.0%
HD 133* Republican primary
Mano De Ayala  51.0%
Shelley Torian Barineau  49.0%
HD 147 Democratic primary
Rep-Elect Jolanda Jones 53.7%
Danielle Keys Bess  46.3%

*Several reporting outlets considered these races “still too close to call” as of Wednesday evening, May 25, 2022.


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