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RYHT forums highlight education views of 2022 primary election candidates

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 2/25/2022

The nonprofit organization Raise Your Hand Texas (RYHT) has been hosting its For the Future Candidate Forums to help voters learn about candidates’ views on public education ahead of the 2022 Republican and Democratic primary elections. Here are links to videos of the nonpartisan forums that have taken place recently:

  • House District (HD) 1: Rep. Gary VanDeaver (R), George Lavender (R), and Ray Null (R). (Video)
  • HD 18: Rep. Ernest Bailes (R), Janis Holt (R), and Stephen Missick (R). (Video)
  • HD 19: Pam Baggett (D) and Justin Berry (R). (Video)
  • HD 22: Christian Hayes (D) and Lisa Weber (D). (Video)
  • HD 37: George Rivera (R), Luis Villareal Jr. (D), Frank Puente (D), and Ruben Cortez (D). (Video)
  • HD 51: Cody Arn (D), Claire Campos-O’Neal (D), Matt Worthington (D), Cynthia Valadez-Mata (D), Albino “Bino” Cadenas (D), and Lulu Flores (D). (Video)
  • HD 60: Rep. Glenn Rogers (R), Kit Marshall (R), and Lucas Turner (R). (Video)
  • HD 61: Frederick Frazier (R) and Sheena King (D). (Video)
  • HD 68: Mark Middleton (R) and Gary Franklin (R). (Video)
  • Joint forum, HD 75 candidate Rep. Mary Gonzalez (D), and HD 79 candidates Rep. Art Fierro (D) and Rep. Claudia Ordaz Perez (D). (Video)
  • HD 73: Barron Casteel (R) and Justin Calhoun (R). (Video)
  • HD 84, Cheryl Little (R) and Kade Wilcox (R). (Video)
  • HD 92: Joe Livingston (R), Salman Bhojani (D), Dinesh Sharma (D), and Tracy Scott (D). (Video)
  • HD 93: Nate Schatzline (R), Laura Hill (R), and Cary Moon (R) (Video)
  • HD 100: Daniel Davis Clayton (D), Marquis Hawkins (D), and Venton Jones (D). (Video)
  • HD 114: John Bryant (D), Charlie Gearing (D), Alexandra Guio (D), Chris Leal (D), and Kendall Scudder (D) (Video)
  • HD 122: Angi Aramburu (D), Adam Blanchard (R), and Elisa Chan (R) (Video)
  • HD 133: Mano DeAyala (R), Shelley Barineau (R), and Will Franklin (R). (Video)
  • HD 142: Rep. Harold Dutton (D), Candis Houston (D), and Richard Varner (R). (Video)
  • Senate District (SD) 11: Blanca Garcia (R) and Bob Mitchell (R). (Video)
  • SD 12: Chris Russell (R), Francine Ly (D), and Ferdi Mongo (D). (Video)
  • SD 27: Salomon Torres (D), Alex Dominguez (D), Morgan LaMantia (D), and Sara Stapleton Barrera (D). (Video


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