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Primary election results

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 3/05/2014 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

Here's a quick list of outcomes from last night's contested Republican and Democratic primaries. Stay tuned to Teach the Vote for more post-election analysis and information on the runoffs slated for May.

State Board of Education

District 7: Incumbent David Bradley defeated Rita Ashley in the Republican primary. District 11: Incumbent Pat Hardy heads to a runoff with Eric Mahroum for the Republican nomination. They defeated Lady Theresa Thombs last night. District 13: Erika Beltran and Andrea Hilburn will meet in a Democratic party runoff for this open seat.

Texas Senate

District 2: Incumbent Bob Deuell will face Bob Hall in a Republican party runoff. A third candidate, Mark Thompson, was defeated. District 7: Paul Bettencourt defeated James Wilson in the Republican primary. District 10: Libby Willis scored the Democratic nomination by beating Mike Martinez, while Konni Burton and Mark Shelton will enter a runoff on the Republican side. District 15: Incumbent John Whitmire defeated Damian LaCroix in the Democratic primary. District 16: Don Huffines defeated incumbent John Carona in the Republican primary. District 17: Incumbent Joan Huffman defeated Derek Anthony for the Republican nomination. District 25: Incumbent Donna Campbell defeated challengers Mike Novak and Elisa Chan for the Republican spot. District 31: Incumbent Kel Seliger defeated Mike Canon in the Republican primary.

Texas House

District 1: Gary VanDeaver ousted incumbent George Lavender in the Republican primary. District 4: Stuart Spitzer beat incumbent Lance Gooden in the Republican primary. District 6: Incumbent Matt Schaefer defeated challenger Skip Ogle in the Republican primary. District 8: Incumbent Byron Cook survived challenges from Charles Morgan and Bobby Vickery in the Republican primary. District 10: This race between four Republicans is headed to a runoff between John Wray and T.J. Fabby. The other candidates were Duke Burge and Jake Ellzey. District 11: Incumbent Travis Clardy easily defeated Tony Sevilla in this Republican contest. District 12: Incumbent Kyle Kacal wins another term by beating challenger Timothy Delasandro in the Republican primary. District 15: In this Republican battle for an open seat, Mark Keough defeated Bruce Tough. District 16: Five candidates vied for the Republican nomination for this open seat. Ted Seago and Will Metcalf will face a runoff. The other candidates in the primary were Duane Ham, Gary Louie and Steve Simonsen. Jason Millsaps was also listed on the ballot but had withdrawn prior to the primary. District 18: Incumbent John Otto defeated Terry Holcomb in this winner-takes-all Republican primary matchup. District 21: Dade Phelan overcame Judy Nichols to win the Republican spot on the ballot for this open seat. District 23: Wayne Faircloth beat Robert Senter to win the Republican nomination for this open seat. District 36: Incumbent Sergio Munoz, Jr. wins another term after defeating Mari Regalado in a Democratic race. District 53: Five Republican candidates squared off for this open seat last night. Andrew Murr and Rob Henneke are headed to a runoff, beating Tink Nathan, Wayne Ramsay and Karen Harris. District 55: Republican challenger Molly White bested incumbent Ralph Sheffield to win this House seat outright last night. District 58: DeWayne Burns and Philip Eby will meet in a runoff for this open seat. They beat Lyndon Laird and Henry Teich, also vying for the Republican nomination last night. District 59: Incumbent J.D. Sheffield won another term by defeating Republican challengers Howard Ray and Danny Pelton last night. District 60: Incumbent Jim Keffer survived a Republican primary challenge by Cullen Crisp and will retain his seat. District 64: Incumbent Myra Crownover defeated challenger Read King in the Republican primary. District 66: In this open seat race, Republicans Glenn Callison and Matt Shaheen are headed to a runoff. They beat a third candidate, Stacy Chen. District 71: Incumbent Susan King wins re-election by beating challenger Isaac Castro in a Republican race last night. District 72: Incumbent Drew Darby also returns to the House after defeating Republican challenger Shannon Thomason. District 75: Incumbent Mary Gonzalez will serve another term after beating Democratic challenger Rey "Coach" Sepulveda. District 76: Incumbent Noami Gonzalez lost her seat in a three-way race for the Democratic nomination. Cesar Blanco and former Rep. Norma Chavez will meet in a runoff next. District 77: Incumbent Marisa Marquez defeated Lyda Ness-Garcia to win the Democratic spot on the November ballot. District 79: Incumbent Joe Pickett gets the Democratic nod after beating challenger Chuck Peartree. District 81: Brooks Landgraf joins the House after defeating Austin Keith in an all-Republican battle for this open seat. District 83: Incumbent Charles Perry keeps his seat after beating Republican challenger Steve Massengale. District 90: Challenger Ramon Romero, Jr. defeated incumbent Lon Burnam in an all-Democratic contest last night. District 92: Incumbent Jonathan Stickland defeated his Republican challenger Andy Cargile in last night's primary. District 94: Incumbent Diane Patrick lost the Republican nomination to challenger Tony Tinderholt. District 102: This race is headed to runoff for the Republican nomination between incumbent Stefani Carter and challenger Linda Koop. Sam Brown and Adryana Boone were also on the ballot last night. District 105: Rodney Anderson defeated incumbent Linda Harper-Brown to win the Republican spot. On the Democratic side, Susan Motley and Terry Meza will meet in a runoff after defeating Bernice Montgomery. District 108: Morgan Meyer and Chart Westcott will face each other in a runoff for the Republican nomination in this open seat race. They outlasted Court Alley, a third candidate. District 109: Incumbent Helen Giddings coasted to a re-election victory over challenger Genevieve Gregory in this all-Democratic race. District 110: Incumbent Toni Rose also keeps her seat after defeating her only challenger, Democrat Sandra Crenshaw. District 112: Incumbent Angie Chen Button overcame a challenge on the Republican side from Jared Patterson. District 115: Challenger Matt Rinaldi defeated incumbent Bennett Ratliff in an upset for the Republican nomination. District 117: Rick Galindo defeated former Rep. John Garza to win the Republican nomination for this seat, which is currently held by a Democrat. District 121: House Speaker Joe Straus survived a Republican primary challenge by Matt Beebe. District 129: This open seat saw a crowded field of seven vying for the Republican nomination. Sheryl Berg and Dennis Paul rose to the top and will meet in a runoff. Other Republican candidates who lost were Chuck Maricle, Briscoe Cain, Mary Huls, Jeff Larson and Brent Perry. District 131: Incumbent Alma Allen easily defeated Azuwuike Okorafor in this all-Democratic race. District 132: Of the four candidates vying for the Republican nomination for this open seat, Ann Hodge and Mike Schofield won the right to compete in a runoff. They fared better than Republicans Michael Franks and Justin Perryman. District 134: Incumbent Sarah Davis overcame a challenge by Bonnie Parker for the Republican nomination. District 145: In an all-Democratic race, incumbent Carol Alvarado defeated her challenger, Susan Delgado to win re-election. District 149: Republican Al Hoang defeated Nghi Ho last night and will head to the general election against the Democratic incumbent. District 150: Incumbent Debbie Riddle survived a challenge on the Republican side by Tony Noun. She'll face a Democratic opponent in November.


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