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House Public Education Committee discusses HB 5 implementation

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 3/26/2014 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

Today, the House Public Education Committee is meeting to discuss issues related to House Bill (HB) 5, the bill from the 83rd legislative session that made sweeping changes to high school graduation requirements and student testing. The committee's interim charges being discussed today include monitoring the implementation of HB 5, working to ensure the creation of additional rigorous math and science courses, reviewing the broad scope and breadth of the curriculum standards (TEKS) and considering possible ways to alleviate testing in grades 3-8. ATPE Lobbyist Monty Exter will be testifying at today's hearing. His comments will focus on the need to maintain college and career readiness, TEKS redesign and the creation of new math courses. You can watch today's proceedings live or stay tuned for a recap of today's hearing, which will be posted to this blog.


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