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Three days left to "TELL Texas" about your school's working conditions!

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 6/03/2014 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

The state's first-ever working conditions survey, TELL Texas, ends Friday, June 6. That will be teachers' last chance to participate in this statewide survey, which was mandated by the Legislature last year at the request of all of the state's major teacher organizations. ATPE urges all teachers to take the anonymous survey, which will help us learn more about teaching and learning conditions on every public school campus in Texas. But unless 50 percent of the teachers on your campus participate, your school will not receive results from this important survey. Click here to look up the current response rates of teachers on your campus and district to see if your school is on track to achieving at least 50 percent participation by Friday. TELL TX I did sticker Did you take the TELL Texas survey already? If so, you are one of more than 81,000 educators in Texas who've taken the survey as of today, and we thank you! Please let others know about Friday's deadline, and help us maximize participation and reach the 50 percent threshold in every school district. We invite you to use our TELL Texas "I DID!" virtual sticker on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  For those educators who have not yet taken the survey, if you need an access code please visit TELLTexas.org or call (800) 310-2964 to request one. Thank you for sharing your vital feedback on school working conditions.


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