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Date Posted: 2/19/2014 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

Inside Teach the Vote: How to research a candidate's voting records
Do you know how your state senator or representative voted on key education bills last legislative session? You can find that information and much more by visiting our 2014 Races page and looking up your districts. On each incumbent's profile page, there is a "Voting Record" section that highlights important votes cast in 2013. It includes votes on education funding, the Teacher Retirement System (TRS), private school vouchers, standardized testing and other major issues that affect public education. While voting records don't tell the whole story behind a legislator's actions, they are worth reviewing during an election, especially for votes taken on critical issues that are likely to resurface during the next legislative session. Knowing how your legislator voted before, comparing that record to his other campaign materials and statements and even asking the legislator about his past votes can help you learn more about an incumbent's attitude toward public education. Plus, ATPE provides "Additional Information" about candidates to give you insights beyond their voting records, and the candidates' own responses to the ATPE candidate survey can also help you interpret their views about education issues. Voting for pro-public education candidates requires that you be informed. We encourage you to use our resources on TeachtheVote.org to find the information you need, and share them with others who care about the future of public education.



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