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Please add this to your list of weekend plans

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 4/25/2014 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Maybe you'll be traveling to Austin for ATPE committee meetings, catching the latest blockbuster, mowing the lawn or simply recuperating from STAAR testing. Whatever your to-do list might look like, we'd like to ask you to add the following quick and simple tasks to your list:

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote, and
  2. Remind your friends, family members and colleagues to register by Monday.
Monday, April 28, is the deadline to register to vote in the May 27 primary runoff elections. Find complete details on how to register at VoteTexas.gov. Your registration application must be postmarked by Monday in order for you to be eligible to vote in the upcoming May 27 runoff. You can find out if you live in one of the districts in which there is a runoff among candidates for a legislative or State Board of Education (SBOE) seat and view profiles of the candidates on TeachtheVote.org. Many important races will be decided in May, and the people you elect will be making critical decisions about your profession once they're in office. If you don't exercise your right to vote, others will—and they may not have your best interests in mind. Educators must become more active in elections if they want to influence the decisions that are made on their behalf by legislators and SBOE members. Quick tips:
  • You do not have to declare a party affiliation in order to register to vote.
  • If you voted in the Democratic party primary back in March, you are only eligible to vote in the Democratic party's runoff in May.
  • If you voted in the Republican party primary back in March, you are only eligible to vote in the Republican party's runoff in May.
  • If you did not vote at all during the March primary election, you are still eligible to vote in the runoff and may participate in either the Republican or Democratic party runoff. All you have to do is make sure you're registered by Monday's deadline.
  • In November, voters may choose any candidate on the general election ballot, regardless of their party affiliations.
  • Early voting for the runoff begins Monday, May 19, and runs through Friday, May 23.
Visit VoteTexas.gov for details on how to get registered this weekend. Don't miss out!


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