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Jay Johnson*
Texas State Board of Education District 15





Retired dentist


P.O. Box 1692, Pampa, TX, 79065

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First elected to the SBOE in 2020. Current term expires Jan. 2023. *Johnson was defeated in the 2022 Republican primary election for SBOE District 15.

Previously served on the Pampa ISD school board and was a founding member of the Pampa Education Foundation.

Johnson's wife, daughter, and three sisters are current or former public school teachers.

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Candidate Survey Responses


1. If elected, what do you believe your primary role and responsibility as a state board member should be?

I believe the primary role of SBOE must be setting appropriate Curriculum Standards [TEKS], adopting strong and aligned Instructional Materials and jealously overseeing the Permanent School Fund. SBOE needs to everything possible to prevent the TEKS from being too wide and not deep enough. Mastery should be the guiding principle.

2. In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue facing public education in Texas?

The pandemic has presented many new problems for education the last 2 years. Closing the learning gaps caused by the pandemic is one of the biggest issues we are currently facing in Texas. Attracting and retaining high quality teachers is another huge issue public education faces. Another pressing issue is building upon the CTE programs across the state and insuring students in metropolitan and rural areas have access to CTE.

3. What role should educators and educator groups such as ATPE play in policy decisions made by the State Board of Education (SBOE)?

It is essential that educators' input be a part of policy decisions since educators are the ones in the trenches and know how effective policies might actually be in the classroom. Hopefully educator groups will have a relationship with SBOE members who will listen and hear the valuable information that experienced teachers can bring to the table. My wife and two sisters are former teachers and my daughter currently teaches in Texas Public education. I understand the importance of consulting with experienced educators.

4. How much weight should the SBOE give to educators’ input when it comes to setting curriculum standards (known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or “TEKS”) and evaluating instructional materials?

I do not have a specific percentage, but I will always seek the advice of experienced teachers and educators when deciding any issues involving curriculum or evaluating instructional materials.

5. Do you believe our state’s public education system, including current regulations on testing and accountability, graduation requirements, and curriculum standards, enables students to receive a well-rounded education throughout all grade levels? Would you recommend any changes?

I believe the elements for enabling students to receive a well rounded education are present in most Texas Schools. There will always be room for improvement. I am pleased that the STAAR test is under review and will be redesigned this year. I hope and anticipate that the process will involve a lot of input from educators.

6. What role, if any, should charter schools have in the Texas public education system?

I believe it would be a good idea to call "Time Out" on the current process for approving or denying new charter school applications and new expansions. A thorough study should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of Charter schools since the inception of Charter schools in Texas. I believe charter schools need to have something innovative and different from the schools in the geographic areas they represent.

7. What role should the SBOE play in overseeing charter schools, such as approving or denying new charter applications and expansion requests of existing charters?

I believe SBOE[an elected body] should have a greater role in overseeing charter schools. SBOE currently has veto power over the Commissioner of Education recommendations. SBOE should have more input and veto power for the expansion of existing charters!

8. Do you believe the SBOE should continue to have the authority to review and potentially veto any rulemaking actions taken by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)?

Yes. I believe SBOE [an elected body]should have the authority to review and veto if necessary any actions taken by SBEC.

Additional Comments from Candidate on Survey


There is not a better system available for the majority of the 5.5 million students in Texas other than the current one. It can and must be better!

I will do everything possible to see that Texas Education is on a course of Constant and Never Ending Improvement!