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Governor announces funding flexibility for Texas schools dealing with absences

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Teach the Vote

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Date Posted: 3/29/2022

Governor Greg Abbott (R) and the Texas Education Agency announced Tuesday new funding flexibility for school districts that have seen drops in attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy change, which ATPE and school districts have requested for the last several months, allows for an adjustment in the operational minutes requirements for the firsr four attendance reporting periods this school year.

Shannon HolmesATPE Executive Director Shannon Holmes issued the following statement in response to the announcement:

“We are pleased Gov. Abbott and TEA have ultimately decided to make this funding available to school districts. ATPE has been advocating for this type of flexibility and consideration ever since it became apparent in August that this school year would again be negatively affected by COVID-19 absences. This is just one example of support Texas educators need as they finish out another unimaginably difficult school year.”


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