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Apply for the TRS Retirees Advisory Committee by Aug. 15

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

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Date Posted: 5/25/2023

The Teacher Retirement System (TRS) is seeking nominations for three vacant positions on its Retirees Advisory Committee (RAC). This seven-member committee holds public meetings on group coverage, recommends minimum standards and features for TRS plans, and recommends changes to rules and legislation affecting TRS-Care. 

Active teachers, retired teachers, and retired school administrators are invited to apply for the committee. Find complete details and the nomination instructions from TRS hereApplications will be accepted through Aug. 15, 2023. Members serve staggered four-year terms and hold public meetings twice a year. Committee members selected during this application period will serve a term from Feb. 1, 2024–Jan. 31, 2028. 

The TRS Board of Trustees will evaluate nominees at based on the following criteria: length of time as a TRS member and/or retiree; participation in education-related volunteer programs; professional activities and experience serving on board committees and with decision-making organizations, especially related to health care or other benefits; credentials, awards or other meritorious recognition; participation in TRS-Care (for retired nominees); geographic diversity; and experience in health care benefits or related fields. 

In other TRS nominations news, a nomination certification committee that includes ATPE Governmental Relations Director Monty Exter will review the results of the vote on Tuesday, May 30, to select the slate of nominees to send Gov. Greg Abbott to appoint a new member to the TRS Board of Trustees.



Melody (Sunny) Mitchell

I am in the same position! Although I have reached my retirement eligible age, I enjoy my school employment and am simply not ready to retire. I would also love to be part of the TRS committee because this touches all of us in public education. I''ve also worked with my physician husband in his medical practice and know how very important health insurance and retirement is to all of us.

Norma Linda Vega

I retired May 2021 after 32 in the classroom. I am interested in serving on this board. I have been a member of ATPE for 34 years, served on several ATPE committees and held offices at my local unit and Region 1. I am currently the Region 1 ATPE President.

Jennifer Hester-Sherbeck

I have reached my retirement age however, I am not ready to retire. I would love to be a part of this committee to work with the team to review, evaluate, and mold the things that we can to benefit our retirees and all of their years of service working with our future leaders.

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