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Election Update from the Texas Educators Vote coalition

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote


Date Posted: 11/01/2017


Early voting for the November 7th election ends this Friday, November 3rd.

Don't wait! Vote today!

It's easy to be an educated and informed voter.

  1. Build your own personal ballot at www.vote411.org.
  2. Learn about the seven constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot here.

Creating a culture of voting takes practice, but unlike eating all that Halloween candy, it has positive lasting benefits!

By modeling civic engagement for students, we can elect pro-public education leaders AND create good citizens who will become tomorrow's leaders!

If you've already voted, give yourself a BIG pat on the back, and then - Share the Oath with 10 friends today!

Educators Oath to Vote

If all Texas educators vote, we can get the leadership our students deserve!

Go Vote!

From Laura Yeager with Texas Educators Vote


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