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Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 5/27/2013 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

Follow @TeachtheVote on Twitter to get the latest news from the Capitol as the regular legislative session winds down. In case you missed it, here are a few of today's tweets from the ATPE lobby team about the ongoing legislative action:

  • The House has adopted the Conference Committee Report on SB 1458 (TRS bill) by 136-0 vote. #txlege -JC
  • The House just adopted the conference committee report on HB 1926, approving the virtual education bill by a 140-1 vote. -JC
  • Conf committee report on HB 2012  re: ed prep standards, surveying working conditions, etc. was adopted by the House on a 92-53 vote.-JC
  • Impassioned debate taking place on the House floor right now over HB 1025, which is a component of the comprehensive budget package. -JC
  • Chairman Pitts & others stress need to pass all the budget-related bills to fund disaster relief, education, transportation, water, etc.-JC
  • The House approved the HB 1025 conference committee report by a vote of 110-29. Cheers erupt on the floor.  -JC
  • The Senate just adopted the conference committee report on HB 1926 (virtual ed bill) by a 26-5 vote.  -JC
  • The Senate continues to discuss SB 1 and how various programs are funded in the budget, including public education. -JC
  • Rep. Callegari urges colleagues to vote for SB1, noting that the budget includes vital funding for TRS & the COLA for retired educators.-JC
  • Rep. David Simpson is speaking against SB1, complaining about the budget-writing process & his belief that the CCR violates House rules.-JC
  • The Senate has approved the conference committee report on HB 2012 by a vote of 25-6. The House approved the same earlier today. -JC
  • The House has passed the budget bill, SB 1, by a vote of 118-29. Speaker Straus, who rarely votes from chair, also voted for the bill.-JC


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