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A look at some education-related House bills already passed by the Legislature

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 5/22/2013 | Author: Jennifer Mitchell, CAE

As of noon today (Wednesday), these House bills have been approved by both the House and Senate: HB 217 Author: Alvarado, Carol(D) Sponsor: Uresti, Carlos(D) Relating to the types of beverages that may be sold to students on public school campuses. HB 308 Author: Bohac, Dwayne(R) Sponsor: Nichols, Robert(R)                           Relating to a school district's recognition of and education regarding traditional winter celebrations. HB 343 Author: Marquez, Marisa(D) Sponsor: Rodriguez, Jose(D)Relating to the filing of financial disclosure statements by trustees of an independent school district. HB 347 Author: Pitts, Jim(R) Sponsor: Nichols, Robert(R) Relating to prohibiting using a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on school property. HB 455 Author: Dukes, Dawnna(D) Sponsor: Davis, Wendy(D)                             Relating to excused absences from public school for certain students. HB 480 Author: Alvarado, Carol(D) Sponsor: Ellis, Rodney(D)                               Relating to leave for certain state employees who are attending educational activities of their children. HB 525 Author: Aycock, Jimmie Don(R) Sponsor: Fraser, Troy(R)                                Relating to the collection of data relating to military-connected students through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). HB 617 Author: Rodriguez, Eddie(D) Sponsor: Zaffirini, Judith(D)                            Relating to transition and employment services for public school students enrolled in special education programs. HB 797 Author: Thompson, Senfronia(D) Sponsor: Garcia, Sylvia(D)                              Relating to certain written information the Windham School District must provide to a person before the person enrolls in a district vocational training program. HB 798 Author: Thompson, Senfronia(D) Sponsor: Garcia, Sylvia(D)                              Relating to certain actions taken by certain licensing authorities regarding a license holder or applicant who has been convicted of a Class C misdemeanor. HB 799 Author: Thompson, Senfronia(D) Sponsor: Whitmire, John(D)                           Relating to vocational training programs provided by the Windham School District. HB 809 Author: Davis, John(R) Sponsor: Deuell, Bob(R)                                 Relating to the dissemination of information regarding employment opportunities in this state to secondary school students. HB 885 Author: Murphy, Jim(R) Sponsor: Patrick, Dan(R)                                Relating to the guarantee of refinanced open-enrollment charter school bonds by the permanent school fund. HB 1009 Author: Villalba, Jason(R) Sponsor: Patrick, Dan(R)Relating to the creation of a new category of law enforcement officer who shall be designated a school marshal. HB 1016 Author: Davis, Sarah(R) Sponsor: Williams, Tommy(R)                        Relating to legal representation for civil suits against peace officers employed by a school district. HB 1018 Author: Patrick, Diane(R) Sponsor: Nelson, Jane(R) Relating to development of goals and policy recommendations for increasing physical activity and improving fitness among public school students. HB 1205 Author: Parker, Tan(R) Sponsor: Carona, John(R)                               Relating to the offense of failure to report abuse or neglect of a child. HB 1264 Author: Huberty, Dan(R) Sponsor: Deuell, Bob(R)                                 Relating to information regarding the number of public school students with dyslexia. HB 1752 Author: Patrick, Diane(R) Sponsor: Seliger, Kel(R) Relating to creating the Texas Teacher Residency Program. HB 1775 Author: Thompson, Ed(R) Sponsor: Hancock, Kelly(R) Relating to the authority of the University Interscholastic League regarding activities involving sports officials. HB 1952 Author: Thompson, Senfronia(D) Sponsor: Van de Putte, Leticia(D)                  Relating to professional development training for certain public school personnel regarding student disciplinary procedures. HB 2103 Author: Villarreal, Mike(D) Sponsor: Seliger, Kel(R)                                 Relating to education research centers and data sharing among cooperating state agencies. HB 2137 Author: Fletcher, Allen(R) Sponsor: Paxton, Ken(R)                                Relating to eligibility of certain persons for enrollment in school district summer school courses. HB 2549 Author: Patrick, Diane(R) Sponsor: Paxton, Ken(R) Relating to the periodic review and revision of college and career readiness standards in public education. HB 2662 Author: Farney, Marsha(R) Sponsor: Patrick, Dan(R) Relating to requiring a personal financial literacy credit for graduation under the recommended and advanced high school programs. HB 2824 Author: Ratliff, Bennett(R) Sponsor: Paxton, Ken(R) Relating to the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium. HB 2952 Author: Rodriguez, Justin(D) Sponsor: Watson, Kirk(D)                               Relating to the period of time allowed for issuance of decisions by the commissioner of education in certain appeals against school districts. HB 2961 Author: Huberty, Dan(R) Sponsor: Deuell, Bob(R)                                 Relating to the social security numbers of school district employees. HCR 68 Author: Farney, Marsha(R) Sponsor: Patrick, Dan(R)                                Designating the first full week of May as Texas Teacher Appreciation Week for a 10-year period beginning in 2013. HCR 104 Author: Button, Angie(R) Sponsor: Seliger, Kel(R) Encouraging school districts to adopt policies that promote the use of technology and technological devices in classrooms.


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