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Robert Garza
Texas Senate District 19







2116 Veterans Blvd #5, Del Rio, TX, 78840

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Ran unsuccessfully for the Texas House in 2020 and 2012.

Former mayor of Del Rio.

Candidate Survey Responses

Has not responded to the 2022 ATPE Candidate Survey.

Did not respond to the ATPE Candidate Survey for the 2020 primary election.

Below are the candidate's responses to the 2012 ATPE Candidate Survey:

1. Is there a need to increase funding to meet the needs of our student population, and if so, how would you recommend raising more revenue for public education?

Answer: Yes. On a short term basis, I would obtain additional funding from the state's savings (Rainy Day Fund). In the long term, I would suggest restructing [sic] the revenue sources to reduce reliance on local property taxes and assess additional taxes on certain business activities.

2. Would you vote to spend public tax dollars on a voucher, tax credit or scholarship that allows students to attend non-public schools in grades K-12? Why or why not?

Answer: No. I do not support vouchers. I believe that we need to support and enhance our public schools with the maximum possible funding. The vouchers simply reduce the resources available to our public schools.

3. Do you believe the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) should be maintained as a defined-benefit pension plan for all future, current and retired educators, or would you vote to convert it to a defined-contribution plan that is more like a 401(k)? Why or why not?

Answer: I believe that the retirement system should be maintained as a defined benefit pension plan. I believe that this plan offers a safer, lower risk, plan that guarantees a basic amount of income for the retiree. I believe that the defined contribution plan creates a very risky situation for our retirees especially under current economic and market conditions.

4. What is the appropriate use of student scores on state standardized tests (e.g., measuring individual student progress, assigning accountability ratings to campuses or districts, deciding if students should be promoted to the next grade level, evaluating teacher effectiveness, determining teacher pay or employment status, holding educator preparation programs accountable, etc.)?

Answer: I believe that student scores on state standardized tests should only be used to measure student progress. The scores can help identify the specific areas where the students need improvement. The use of the results for the other purposes stated above can lead to abuse and unjust results.

5. Would you vote to maintain a hard cap on the number of students per class, or should school administrators be given more flexibility to increase class sizes? (Currently, the law imposes a cap of 22:1 in grades K-4 but allows schools to obtain a waiver from the mandate, a step many of them routinely take.)

Answer: I would vote to impose a "hard cap" on the number of students per class with very limited and rigid criteria allowing administrators to increase class size. Administrators should not be allowed to routinely increase class size. The variances should be based on sound criteria and used sparingly as needed to meet immediate unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Comments from Candidate on Survey

Additional comments submitted by the candidate in response to the 2012 ATPE Candidate Survey:

I am firm and strong supporter of public school as well as higher education. I believe that our schools need to be given the tools to strive for academic excellence. As a former school board member for 6 years, I am well acquainted with the diverse issues that confront our educational system. The topics that are the subject of this survey need further attention as well as the overall level of compensation and benefits of our educators.