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Nicholas "Nick" Hearn
Texas House District 87





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1. If elected, what will be your top priorities for public education?

getting as much government interference as i can out of our public schools.

2. What are your recommendations for funding public education, including securing the necessary revenue to sustain the improvements made by House Bill 3 in 2019? Do you believe additional funding is needed?

I believe that state funding for schools should be proportional to the percentage of students they have enrolled. meaning if school district A has 7% of all children enrolled in public education and school district b has 2% ignoring all other factors school district A should receive 7% and school district b should receive 2% of the funding available for public education

3. How would you address the challenge of rising health care costs facing Texas educators and ensure that active and retired educators have access to affordable health care?

remove any and all state restrictions on the ability to purchase health care. an open market is a free market. Free markets compete for business causing costs and prices to go down.

4. Do you believe the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) should be maintained as a traditional defined benefit pension plan for all future, current, and retired educators, or do you support converting TRS to a defined contribution plan that is more like a 401(k) plan, in which future benefits are not guaranteed?

I see no problem keeping it as a defined benefit pension so as long as it is ran entirely off of qualified persons contributions. I do not feel that a person who is not working in the public education should have to pay (through taxes) for some one else's retirement that they themselves can not benefit from.

5. What do you feel is the proper role of standardized testing in the Texas public education system? For instance, should student test scores be used for teacher pay, school accountability ratings, evaluating teachers, measuring student progress, etc.?

i believe all standardized testing (except SATs and ACTs for college acceptance) has no place in our education system. I believe that our students and teachers are more than a number on a piece of paper

6. Would you vote to create any type of voucher, tax credit, scholarship, education savings account, or other program aimed at paying for students, including any subpopulation of students, to attend non-public K-12 schools, such as private or home schools?

i would be in favor of an education savings account that allows parents to deduct money from their pay check pre tax for the purpose of education costs. (any education costs whether they decide in non-public school education or simply using the money for back to school shopping)

7. State law allows educators and other public employees to voluntarily choose to join professional associations such as ATPE and have membership dues deducted from their paychecks at no cost to taxpayers. Do you support or oppose letting all public employees continue to exercise this right?

i believe in freedom of association. the government, federal or state as no business regulating a persons ability to join or not join an association.

8. What role, if any, should charter schools have in the public education system, and do you feel the number of charter schools operating in Texas should be reduced or expanded?

i believe if we remove restrictions on schools and allow the schools to evolve to meet their students needs; there would not be a need for charter schools.

9. How much freedom should school districts have to make decisions during disease outbreaks, such as requiring face coverings and immunizations or transitioning to remote instruction?

School districts should have the freedom to do what they feel is the best for the safety of the faculty, staff, and students. schools should be ran locally not at the state or federal level.

10. What do you believe is the proper role of virtual education within the public education system? Do you believe full-time virtual education should be expanded, and if so, under what circumstances?

I believe every students learns differently. Some students may learn better in class, while some may learn better virtually. This again I would leave the decision up to the local school district has they know their students abilities and needs better.

11. What do you feel should be the state’s role (versus the role of school districts or individual educators) in decisions about public school curriculum and instructional materials?

I believe the state should have no say in school curriculum and it should be up to the individual educators with the over site of the local school boards to decide what curriculum and materials should be used in the classrooms.

12. The COVID-19 pandemic and additional instructional support needed to remediate students’ learning losses have placed additional strain on public schools’ staffing needs. How would you work to ensure classrooms are appropriately staffed, teachers’ workloads are manageable, and planning time is not sacrificed amid these challenges?

I would advocate for the removal of state regulations thus allowing schools to address these needs in a way they fill would best resolve these issues

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