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Georgina Perez*
Texas State Board of Education District 1

Incumbent - not seeking reelection




Educator, Business Woman


P. O. Box 380, Tornillo, TX, 79853

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First elected to the SBOE in 2016. Current term expires Jan. 2023. Perez is not seeking re-election in 2022.

Perez secured 55.9% of the vote in the 2016 Democratic primary election, defeating fellow Democratic candidates Joe Fierro, Jr. and Lynn Oliver for an open seat on the SBOE. 

Perez was endorsed by the El Paso Times editorial board for the 2016 Democratic primary election.


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Candidate Survey Responses

Not applicable for 2022; the candidate is not seeking re-election.

Below are the candidate's responses to the 2016 ATPE Candidate Survey:

1. What role should educators and educator groups play in policy decisions made by the State Board of Education (SBOE)?

I believe that educators should occupy all 15 elected member seats at the SBOE. Educator groups should be represented on all review panels - from textbooks to TEKS, etc.


2. Do you believe the number of curriculum standards written into the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) is generally too high, too low, or just about right?

I believe that too many Standards are taught / tested each year. For example, 8th grade ELA teaches / tests more standards than any other year. Another example is in middle school math. Rather than developing on previously taught standards, teachers are forced to reteach previously taught standards and then forced to teach too many, too fast, in order to prepare for tests.


3. Would you recommend any changes to the process for adopting and revising the TEKS curriculum standards?

Yes. We need input from students. We need lots more input from teachers who are in the classrooms implementing these standards. On too many occasions, we have witnessed educators review TEKS and point out factual inaccuracies - only to be ignored by SBOE members, committees, etc.


4. Do you believe charter schools in Texas have been largely successful? Should their presence be expanded? Why or why not?

Texas charter schools, and charter schools in general, have been a colossal failure. In addition to siphoning public funds into private schools, charter schools are not preparing kids for career or college any better than public schools. Often, the charter school experience is worse.


5. What role, if any, should the SBOE play in approving textbooks and instructional materials?

SBOE should play a leadership role in textbook development and adoption, as well as instructional materials. SBOE members should be educators.


6. Do you believe our state's curriculum requirements allow students to receive a well-rounded education throughout all grade levels? Would you recommend any changes?

I would like to less standardization in state curriculum. I would like to see a more holistic approach to teaching and learning. I would like to see teachers be able to actually teach, create curriculum and lessons. I would love to see kids having fun and looking forward to going to school each morning. I would love to see teachers have the autonomy to develop the schools they know their kids need (and deserve).


7. Do you believe the SBOE should continue to have the authority to review and potentially veto any rule actions taken by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)?

I do believe that SBOE members (who are certified educators) should be able to review rule actions taken.


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